Thankyou Co-Founder Daniel Flynn Keeping it Real.

“Rule number one, make a great product. Rule number two, never break rule one – never use a good cause to sell a bad product.” – Daniel Flynn

Daniel was only nineteen years old when he co-founded Thankyou, an Australian based business selling consumer goods and giving 100% of the profits to aid clean water and sanitation efforts. Eight years in and they’ve grown to 46 products and raised over $5 million dollars – playing a big part in helping the 900 million people who don’t have access to clean water.

In an interview, Daniel shared on the story of Thankyou – their humble beginnings, and how youthful naivety and not taking no for an answer played a big part in their success. His transparency about the challenges and failures that come with starting (and operating) a business, is not only refreshing but something other entrepreneurs need to hear.

Daniel was headed down a career path of property management when he saw that every day thousands of children were dying from waterborne illness. He couldn’t make sense of why 900 million people didn’t have access to clean water worldwide, nor could he ignore them. It was then that the idea for Thankyou was born.

Today, Thankyou is thriving and helping millions of people in the process. From the outside, Daniel’s entrepreneurial story looks perfect. A young business owner that’s going up against – and outselling – big name brands and doing it for a good cause. And often, in business that’s the story that’s told. But for Daniel, it’s important to share not only his successes but also the challenges and failures that come with starting a business.

“I think this journey’s probably lonelier than I thought. I think the illusion is that you’re connected with a lot of people. There’s so much happening. There’s all this excitement, but I think actually the process can be quite lonely, particularly when things aren’t working and when you’re failing and leading a team of people,” says Daniel.

In fact, his authentic dedication to showing other entrepreneurs the realities of starting a business is seen in a book called ‘Chapter One.’ A tell-all about Thankyou’s beginnings and how they’ve built a recognizable brand and powerful consumer movement – and it includes the bad with the good.

“I think we’ve got to let those walls down and be real with people so that others don’t crash and burn on the journey as well. Usually, you get the highlight reel and one failure, but we had 50 failures and then two, three wins. And that’s how it really is” says Daniel.


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