Who do you support?

By Matt Tognini

This is a question that I constantly ask myself. Who do I support?  I don’t mean in terms of football teams or political parties (although being a Collingwood member does have its challenges) but in terms of businesses.  I have been in professional services for more than 20 years (which makes me feel old) and it dawned on me around year 5 or 6 that maybe I should be supporting those businesses that support me. In simple terms I should be using the services that my clients offer.

Why is this you may ask? Well if these people are good enough to use your services and pay for the privilege it is only decent that you reciprocate. It helps them and it helps you.  It strengthens the relationship that you have with your client.  It is the decent thing to do. You need to ask yourself what sort of message you are sending if, for example, your client is a café, that café is close by your office and you choose to go and drink coffee at a competitor.  I know that, as a business owner I would be upset if this happened to me. 

Business relationships are like any relationship. They are often not easy and they all require work to make them succeed.  It cannot be a one-way street. So next time you are looking to use a service ask yourself “Do any of my clients do what I need doing?” If they do, give them a chance.  You will be pleasantly surprised how this simple action will help your relationship with that client.