4 pillars to achieve financial certainty

You own a business. Ultimately, you own the business to make money.

But sometimes the pieces don’t quite fit together.

KHT believes every business owner deserves to be confident in knowing what their business will pay them each year.

And, if a business needs a cash infusion, the owner deserves to know exactly how much cash and when it is needed.

KHT calls this Absolute Financial Certainty.

Absolute Financial Certainty is a powerful and simple concept. But it requires careful management across 4 key areas of your finances:

• Financial Strategy

• Financial Control

• Financial Administration

• Financial Tools.

We have outlined the 4 areas that enable a comprehensive financial management system. We have also highlighted the problems you create in your business if you don’t implement such a system.

Without a comprehensive system, you do not know from where the next surprise will come and how many others are lurking.

It’s that simple.

If you’re operating in the dark, you bounce from one financial surprise to the next. You’re not sure how you are going to pay a bill or even when it is due.

You are frustrated because you have no real sense of how much you will take home at the end of the week. Or month. Or year.

Things are even worse when you’re using personal credit cards, facilities or cash to plug holes caused by bad or no systems.

A correctly implemented outsourced finance department gives you Absolute Financial Certainty: the ability to understand when, where and how your money will come and go.

You will know how much money you can take home. You can plan for the ongoing operation and growth of your business.

You can plan for the things you want outside of work: kids; education; holidays; parties; fun.

Absolute Financial Certainty is an investment that generate multiples in value – financially and emotionally - for you and your business.