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It’s time to stop treading water and build confidence with a better performing business.

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    Achieve absolute financial certainty.

    • Get you financially organised
    • Focus on the numbers to improve your results
    • Build your business into a valuable asset
    • Plan for your financial life beyond your business

    Are you missing out on having the best business you can have?

    Running a business is hard work.

    Are you getting the financial performance you deserve?

    Get financially organised

    • More profit from your business
    • Get your structure and tax strategy right
    • Plan and predict your cashflow
    • Know your business valuation target
    • Build an investment portfolio for your future

    Our services

    To help you build your business

    • Structure advice – protect your assets
    • Tax structure – reduce tax
    • Revenue plan
    • One page strategic plan
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    To get you financially organised

    • Bookkeeping and payroll
    • Annual accounts and tax returns
    • Cashflow and budgeting
    • Tax planning
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    To help you improve your profit

    • Monthly on-track report
    • KPI reporting
    • 90 day action plan
    • Financial targets
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    To help you plan beyond your business

    • My financial certainty
    • Family tax and estate planning
    • Insurance
    • Investment strategy and super
    • Freedom Gap
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    Our services

    Build a plan with KHT

    We know exactly what it feels like to want more out of your business and investing activities. We’ve been there too. We learned that by following our own plan we can achieve business and financial performance beyond our expectations.

    We have implemented this process with a number of businesses and investors, with similar outcomes.

    “After 18 months the business is growing fast and an outstanding performer. Strong profitability means the management team can now redirect focus towards social impact projects in South-East Asia.”

    — Ink Animation

    A proven approach

    • Discovery session

      Book a call and have a discovery session with us

    • Build the roadmap

      Build a roadmap which gets you to your destination

    • Follow the plan

      Follow the plan and stay on-track

    We know you want to be successful in your business. You need the freedom to focus on building it.

    Running a business can be chaos. Attending to financial spot fires and cashflow surprises is frustrating. You’re working so hard and just can’t get the results you deserve, or stuck after years of mediocrity- feeling like you’re treading water.

    We understand this because for many years we experienced exactly the same things in our own business. We learned that by following our own plan we can achieve business performance beyond our expectations.

    See how we can help

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