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    Helping you get
    financially organised

    Bookkeeping and payroll

    If you want to improve your business you need to have up to date books. Bookkeeping is time consuming and most business are too busy to get it done. The result is you have no idea how the business is tracking and no ability to forecast future cashflow.

    If we want to improve the numbers, we need to have up-to-date books!

    Annual accounts and tax returns

    Our view is that when we prepare the annual accounts and tax returns, there should be no surprises. The annual work should simply document what we already know and have planned for. The accountant gets a free coffee every time their tax plan matches the final tax returns.

    Cashflow and budgeting

    Every business needs a basic cashflow and budget plan for the year. How else would we know if the business is sustainable? Once we have a basic cashflow budget we will know what triggers to pull to improve cashflow.

    Tax planning

    If we want to pay less tax we need to plan for it. It’s no good waiting for tax return time to do tax planning – the opportunity has already passed! Our view is that we plan for tax throughout the year and more rigorously towards year-end. When we come to prepare the tax return, there should be no surprises! The accountant gets a free coffee when the tax plan matches the final tax return.

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    “After 18 months the business is growing fast and an outstanding performer. Strong profitability means the management team can now redirect focus towards social impact projects in South-East Asia.”

    — Ink Animation