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    Our approach for business owners

    Businesses must grow and be sustainable

    We believe businesses must grow and be sustainable. The most important aspect of your business are the people. A business needs to grow to create opportunities for the people within the business.

    When the business grows and opportunities are created, your team experience satisfaction and a sense of importance as they progress in their roles.

    As the team feel better about their roles, they in turn perform better and provide a higher level of customer service. Better customer service leads to further growth in the business as customer recommend you to others

    This becomes a flywheel effect and is financially rewarding for all involved. Your business becomes a valuable asset as it grows.

    Business requires you to be financial organised

    We believe basic financial organisation needs to be in place in order to progress your business.

    If you’re not financially organised, you’ll be constantly putting out spot fires and stuck in the weeds, never freed up to actually focus on the things which matter in the business and in your life. A frustrating existence.

    Being financially organised will free you up to focus on what matters. The satisfaction which comes from this will energise you and elevate your business.

    Focussing on the numbers improves results

    The truth about your business performance is in the numbers. Some numbers are more impactful than others.

    You can’t hide from poor numbers – they will get you eventually! We see business owners put their head in the sand and ignore the issue of poor numbers. This eventually results in a cashflow crisis and drastic decision making.

    We seek to identify the numbers which have the biggest impact on your business and how to improve those numbers.

    We bring focus to those numbers and improvement to your business.

    Time and time again we see business owners shifting their focus to the key numbers in the business, and almost magically those numbers start to improve.

    Long term planning and protection for your family is essential

    You work hard in and on your business.

    But sometimes the things you can’t control impact everything. Both in your life and your business.

    KHT helps you ensure all your requirements beyond the business are looked after – for your peace of mind.

    We believe in long-term planning and protection for you and your family.

    Business owners and professionals typically become very good at what they do. They are typically very busy and often they have not covered off the long-term planning items that need to be attended to.

    Having a clear plan in place of what happens to your assets if you were to die and having a long-term investment plan and program in place so that you’re accumulating investments overtime will free you mentally and allow you to focus on more important things.

    Knowing that you have a long-term plan provides freedom to focus on other important areas with a sleep at night factor.

    Working in your business is unavoidable.

    Working on your business is unavoidable.

    Working beyond your business is avoided by many but essential.

    Beyond the business

    • We must plan for our lives financially beyond the business
    • Invest for the future (outside of the business)
    • Ensure your family is financially secure in the event of death or business failure.

    Our approach for investors

    Start with the end in mind

    On a weekly basis we are asked questions like the following:

    • What about buying an investment property to save tax?
    • Should I buy shares in Tesla? What about Rivian?
    • Can my super fund buy crypto assets like Ethereum and Bitcoin?

    Our response is always the same – we need to start with the end in mind. We need to start with what we are seeking to achieve.

    Here is the model:

    Our philosophy is to achieve the objectives with the lowest amount of risk. The last thing we want is to lose money due to poor strategy. So it becomes less about what to invest in and more about implementing a solid strategy to achieve our investing goals.

    We take the view that investing is basically boring. The exciting part is implementing a plan which achieves your financial goals, often faster than you thought possible.

    For a detailed look into how we do this, download our Key Principles to Investing.

    Our key investment beliefs
    1. Embrace markets and let the market do the heavy lifting for you
    2. Only take the risks worth taking
    3. Diversification is essential to reduce risk
    4. Asset allocation determines your performance
    5. Investment strategy should be evidence based
    6. Costs and fees matter
    Our investment approach – Core-satellite

    Core-satellite investing is a method of portfolio construction designed to :

    • minimise costs
    • reduce tax liability
    • smooth volatility
    • provide an opportunity to outperform the broad stock market as a whole