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    Expertise through
    real-world experience.

    Our Story

    Our experience is like many of our clients. We found something we were passionate about and ran with it. Being good with finances and tax didn’t automatically translate to being good at running a business. This took years of learning and experience.

    Learning from experience

    Having a technical skill is one thing. Running a business requires focus on the following:

    • Driving growth in the business
    • Attracting and retain great people
    • Having systems to be financially organised
    • Focussing on the numbers to improve business performance
    • Having a financial plan beyond the business

    It took us years to work this out. Now we have implemented the above in our own business and continue to work on it on a weekly basis.

    Going forward
    with a plan.

    We now assist clients with the same process. This became a key transition for KHT. We went from doing more than just tax for clients. In fact, we find almost all clients have the same objectives:

    1. Minimise tax
    2. Business Growth / Investment Income
    3. Asset Protection

    Once we know the above objectives, next is the strategy to achieve those objectives. Out of this falls the actions to take. It looks like this:


    What are we trying to achieve and over what

    Structures & Strategy

    Different investment strategies
    Structure for holding investments


    Structure set-up
    Placing investments

    Who we work with

    Professionals running a business or professional firm. Industry leaders running a business in their field of expertise and professionals in professional roles.

    KHT brings the greatest value to privately-held businesses led and owned by skilled and passionate operators. Those leaders have strong views about their businesses. They recognise both that they add the most value to operations and that outsourcing commercial and financial management is critical to their businesses future.

    Our goals

    • Growing your business
    • Achieving industry recognition
    • Having financial security
    • Having business independence
    • Having flexibility
    • Pursuing an active lifestyle