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    Helping you build
    your business.

    Structure advice – protect your assets

    If we are going to build a business, grow wealth and invest, we must ensure we protect those assets so they can’t be lost or taken from us. Smart structuring is about starting with the end in mind.

    Tax structure – reduce tax

    Using the correct structure combined with some planning can reduce tax. Without the correct structure you might be paying too much tax.

    Revenue plan

    If we want to increase revenue we need a plan. Without the plan, the goal of growth is more like a dream and typically does not materialise. Instead what is needed is the goal combined with daily execution in the trenches. A revenue plan lays out exactly where the revenue will come from and how it will materialise.

    One page
    strategic plan

    A pivotal moment for us was spending two full days in a Brisbane workshop developing our one page plan. Finally we had some clarity on where we were headed.

    This plan has evolved over time. Do you have your strategic plan on a page? Do you review it often? We now follow a system where we regularly review, update and execute our plan. Every business owner needs this.

    Not sure where to start?

    Get in touch and we can arrange a time to review where you’re at and how we can help.

    “After 18 months the business is growing fast and an outstanding performer. Strong profitability means the management team can now redirect focus towards social impact projects in South-East Asia.”

    — Ink Animation