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    Ink Animation

    Ink Animation (Ink) is a 2D animation studio, providing outsourcing services on award winning animation series and feature films. Working with US and European production studios and producers, Ink has a strong focus on it’s social impact projects in Cambodia and across South-East Asia.

    The Challenge

    COVID-19 created significant challenges for the business and the structure of it’s operations in South-East Asia. The business had a strong social impact focus, however travel restrictions created roadblocks for management of the business. Fast growth in the business had created scale which now was impossible to manage.

    The owners were stressed out and considering exiting the business. On relocating to Perth they came to KHT for advice. We recognised that Ink need:

    1. A plan to grow and be sustainable
    2. Financial organisation with new structure, systems and processes
    3. Focus on the numbers and improve profitability
    4. A plan for the owners beyond the business.

    The Opportunity

    The first thing we discovered was that this was a truly great business. The management team had spent a decade becoming world-class operators at 2D animation clean up. They also had amazing social impact projects.

    The numbers needed attention. We first had to scale back on operations and focus on building a profitable, sustainable business.

    We put in place the following:

    • A new structure for the business, as it was now operating in Australia
    • Financial systems and processes for daily operations
    • We took over the finance function of the business
    • A one and three year plan to grow the business
    • Monthly “on-track” meetings to focus on the numbers and drive performance.

    The Outcome

    After 18 months the business is growing fast and an outstanding performer. Strong profitability means the management team can now redirect focus towards social impact projects in South-East Asia. The business is also working with Screenwest to drive job creation in WA.

    Now, instead of being stressed-out, the owners are relaxed and confident in their financial future.