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    Intrepid Cleaning

    Experts in school cleaning, Intrepid niched into the school cleaning market to become one of the highest growth businesses we’ve seen at KHT. The business, lead by two energetic and experienced young professionals, remained nimble as the business scaled, not without challenges along the way.

    The Challenge

    Intrepid came to us initially to set up the business. What followed was the challenges guaranteed to accompany a fast growing business quickly taking market share from it’s competitors.

    We were fortunate to work with Intrepid – the two directors are outstanding professionals and quality operators.

    A growing business is typically always chasing it’s tail for cashflow. The business was growing very quickly and the directors were becoming frustrated with the financial administration and reporting.

    We needed to free up the directors’ time away from financial administration. We also need better financial reporting on a job-by-job basis so we could tell which jobs were profitable and which one’s needed attention.

    We also had some compliance issues with employees vs contractors which we wished to put to bed.

    Intrepid needed the following:

    1. Plan for growing a sustainable business
    2. Financial organisation
    3. Focus on the numbers to improve business performance
    4. Financial plan for the directors beyond the business

    The Opportunity

    With Intrepid growing every week, we identified a number of opportunities.

    We made some changes to improve the structure to provide better asset protection to the owners. This was with the long term view that the business would continue to grow (and it did).

    We referred Intrepid to a savvy advisor we were using at KHT. We enhanced this with monthly management reporting with tracking of Key Performance Indicators. A system would also be implemented for ongoing tax planning and tax cashflow forecasting, alongside budgeting and cashflow management.

    We also commenced monthly review of the bookkeeping processes to ensure we caught and rectified any errors in payroll and the bookkeeping system generally.

    Whilst we were cleaning up the financial management system, we also engaged Intrepid to clean the KHT offices!

    The Outcome

    Due to the rapid growth of the company we really wanted to ensure the business was extremely financially organised. Our monthly reviews of the financial data would achieve this.

    Next we wanted the owners to focus on the numbers. We know that when we focus on the numbers they improve. This is exactly what happened once we implemented the monthly meetings and monthly financial reporting.

    The two directors have both recently had children, and so our next job will be building a financial plan for these owners beyond their business.